Happy Holidays! Moments of Joy

Top image: Lorraine O’Grady at the Artist Benefit + Banquet. Photo by BFA/Madison McGaw; Rebecca Snedeker, Annie Han, and Alejandro Durán at the 2022 Carnival. Photo by Deonté Lee/BFA; Joe Melillo, Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Annie Han, Larissa FastHorse, Raja Feather Kelly, Carmelita Tropicana, Rachel Chavkin, and Christine Kuan at the Awardee Celebration & Breakfast. Photos by Brendon Cook/BFA; Sandy Rodriguez and Emi Kolawole in Sandy’s studio in LA; Cast of Dark Winds with Tamara Bates in Santa Fe; Creative Capital with Nyugen Smith at the Armory Show.

With the holiday season upon us, Creative Capital staff reflect on the many joys we have shared with artists this past year!

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Lorraine O’Grady and James Schamus

Photo by BFA/Madison McGaw.

Christine Kuan headshot

“The sheer happiness that Lorraine O’Grady and James Schamus expressed at their meeting for the first time at our Artist Benefit + Banquet makes all of our work worthwhile.”
Christine Kuan, President & Executive Director

Photo by BFA/Deonté Lee.

Roland Webb III headshot

“Dancing, snapping selfies and having drinks with Creative Capital Artists at the Creative Capital Carnival event was TONS of unforgettable fun! I had such a great time basking in the gorgeous view of the New York City skyline—with the approaching sunset! All of the artists dancing with and around me were in BLISS! So great to share those moments with them!”
—Roland Webb III, Senior Manager, IT

Sherrill Roland, With Heart, Letter #120113, 2021. Neon works created from the letters he wrote to his daughter’s mother while wrongfully incarcerated.

Sherrill Roland, With Heart, Letter #120113, 2021. Neon works created from the letters he wrote to his daughter’s mother while wrongfully incarcerated.

Emily Gerard headshot

“Being blown away after meeting 2021 Grantee Sherrill Roland, who gave us a personal tour of his first exhibition Hindsight Bias at Tonya Bonakdar Gallery and learning firsthand about the memories and experiences he had while wrongfully incarcerated.”
—Emily Gerard, Director of Development

Photo by Lawrence Sumulong

Photo by Lawrence Sumulong.

Angela Mattox headshot

Witnessing history in the making with Etienne Charles reopening Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall with a newly commissioned performance, San Juan Hill—A New York Story! The immersive multimedia work pays homage to the neighborhood that was razed to make way for Lincoln Center.”
—Angela Mattox, Senior Manager of Awardee Engagement

Reid Davenport I Didn't See You There

ID: In a reflection of an unmarked storefront is a grayish silhouette of a man using an electric wheelchair. Overlaid on the photograph are white festival laurels that read “Directing Award: U.S. Documentary, Sundance Film Festival 2022. Photo by Reid Davenport.

Fahdah Ali AlSubaihin headshot

“Going to see Reid Davenport’s film I Didn’t See You There. The film was unlike anything I’ve seen before as it was entirely shot from the POV of a disabled person. It was also my first time going to an indie movie screening and attending a Q&A with the director. This intimate and supportive experience of the arts is what I loved about being part of Creative Capital!”
—Fahdah Ali AlSubaihin, Stanford in New York Intern

Du Yun, Shayna Dunkelman, Ok Miss. Credit: BFA/Madison McGaw.

Jennifer Liu headshot

“Being able to get the Creative Capital community together in person again. Meeting amazing people, such as Du Yun, at the Artist Benefit + Banquet was unreal. Not to mention her performance with OK Miss was phenomenal!”
—Jennifer Liu, Manager, Editorial

jackie sumell with the Lower Eastside Girls Club at MoMA PS1. Photo by Aliza Sena.

Aliza Sena headshot

“Meeting 2020 Grantee jackie sumell at MoMA PS1’s Earth Day celebration. We planted fruits and vegetables with the Lower Eastside Girls Club as part of her project Growing Abolition, and she even sent me home with a pocket full of wildflower seeds! I may not have a green thumb like jackie, but it was inspiring to see her socially engaged project in action.”
—Aliza Sena, Director of Content

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