Congratulations to Creative Capital Artists in the 2022 Whitney Biennial!

We’re excited that the Whitney Biennial 2022, Quiet as It’s Kept (April 6 to September 5, 2022) will include Creative Capital Awardees: Alia Farid (2022), Terence Nance (2021), Sable Elyse Smith (2016), Danielle Dean (2015), Raven Chacon (2012), Rodney McMillian (2005), Tony Cokes (2000), and Ralph Lemon (2000).

Discover Their Creative Capital Projects

Alia Farid's Migration of Forms
Alia Farid (2022 Creative Capital Awardee)Migration of Forms (working title) is a social practice project and ever-expanding tapestry that traces the history of Arab, South Asian, and African migration to Latin America and the Caribbean. At the center of this wide-ranging work is Puerto Rican-Palestinian solidarity movement.

Film still from Terence Nance's Swimming In Your Skin Again
Terence Nance (2021 Creative Capital Awardee)Kiara Daja Diamond and the 777 Satisfactions is a surrealist graphic novel and animated TV series, made in collaboration with Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, that tells the story a young ruler-to-be who must master 777 “satisfactions” (amalgams of skills, knowings, senses, and subjectivities).

Sable Elyse Smith (2016 Creative Capital Awardee)Made in collaboration with Melanie Crean and Shaun Leonardo, Mirror/Echo/Tilt is a multimedia and performance art project exploring how criminality and incarceration are imposed on the body.

Work by Danielle Dean
Danielle Dean (2015 Creative Capital Awardee)Using animations, testimonies, and archival materials, the short film, Amazon, entangles present-day Amazon Mechanical Turk (known as MTurk) employees with historical accounts of employee actions and events at Fordlandia.

A Philosophy of Time Travel
Rodney McMillian (2005 Creative Capital Awardee)A collaboration between Edgar Arceneaux, Vincent Johnson, Olga Koumoundouros, Matthew Sloly, and Rodney McMillian, A Philosophy of Time Travel is an installation that simulates the consequences of what would happen if Constantin Brancusi’s sculpture Endless Column were to suddenly and inexplicably come crashing through the roof.

X Billboard Project

Tony Cokes (2000 Creative Capital Awardee)

X Billboard Project, a collaboration between Tony Cokes and Marc Pierson, uses public sites in Boston for a series of billboards, subway station lightbox ads, and posters examining the figure and cultural legacy of Malcolm X.

A work by Ralph Lemon

Ralph Lemon (2000 Creative Capital Awardee)

Come Home Charley Patton: Part 3 of the Geography Trilogy investigates how different generations remember the same events and places and what forms these memories can take through interconnected artistic ventures—a stage performance, video documentary, visual art exhibit, book, and website.

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