Thank you for believing in the power of art!

thank you from Creative Capital

Dear Artists, Friends, and Supporters,

On behalf of Creative Capital, thank you for nurturing new projects and supporting individual artists through our grants, programs, and gatherings. Every time I watch an Awardee film, experience an Awardee performance, or enjoy an Awardee book or exhibition, I am deeply moved that we contributed to making such powerful art. I feel a tremendous privilege to be able to serve artists directly and to be able to fund the creation of groundbreaking new works, especially now in the United States.

Since 1999, Creative Capital has been at the forefront of championing freedom of expression via our democratic, open-call grant-making process to help individual artists realize risk-taking, ambitious art across the country. My appreciation goes to you—artists, curators, cultural producers, scholars, writers, readers, donors, and fans—for your heartfelt investment in Creative Capital’s programs to help catalyze artists’ visions. It is because of you that Creative Capital has awarded more than $50 million in grants to 630 innovative projects conceptualized by more than 775 artists.

Creative Capital makes an extraordinary impact on artists’ lives, and we continue to strive to do more. We know that there are many more artists who deserve recognition and support each year. Thank you for being a part of our extraordinary artist-led community!

Wishing you peaceful holidays and a happy new year,

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Christine Kuan
Christine Kuan
President and Executive Director

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