Here’s Why We Need Creative Capital: A Message from Paul Beatty

“Writing’s given me a life.”

I spoke those words after accepting the Man Booker Prize for my novel and Creative Capital project, The Sellout, and I think any artist in any discipline would understand my sentiment.

Creative Capital not only understands the depth to which artists treasure their practices, it nurtures it. I applied my award to the tools I needed to help me focus on my writing, including computer supplies, travel, research materials, and a decent office chair. This commitment not only helped me to get my book off the ground, more importantly, it allowed me to work in an unhurried manner. I now had the luxury of writing at my own pace, the pressure of editorial deadlines looming less large over my head. However, there’s more to Creative Capital’s support than simply cutting checks and dropping them in the mail. Beyond the financial assistance, Creative Capital also provided me with a tremendous amount of encouragement and post-publication guidance.

Creative Capital’s support for The Sellout was extremely helpful. It gave me the foundation and time to write the book I truly wanted to write. And with any luck, my story shows the importance of why we need organizations like Creative Capital, and why we need friends like you to support it.

Thank you ahead of time for being so generous.

Paul Beatty
2009 Creative Capital Awardee