The 2016 Artist Presentation Videos are Here!

This past summer, Creative Capital artists spent four days at a retreat at EMPAC on the RPI campus in Troy, NY. In front of an audience of over 200 curators, presenters, publishers and other arts organizers, artists presented their Creative Capital projects. We’ve uploaded their presentations to our YouTube page. If you have some down time during the holidays, it’s a perfect moment to binge watch these amazing videos! 
Click here to view our playlist on YouTube, and read on below for some featured videos.

Okwui Okpokwasili and Peter Born collaborate to present Poor People’s TV Room. The multi-disciplinary performance piece unpacks the mobilization of women in Nigeria. The Women’s War of 1929 in Southeast Nigeria and the Bring Back Our Girls movement of 2014, inform the choreography and text built by Okpokwasili. Filmmaker and designer Peter Born chronicles the piece through film.

Composer and programmer, Yotam Mann has designed a musical system that functions as an improvisational experience for listeners. Interactive Music is created collaboratively between the composer and the listener. Watch. Listen. Interact here:

Ann Carlson’s Symphonic Body is helping people express themselves in the workspace. Through an engaging series of movement based on people’s actions in their most organic space, an alternate language is created. Carlson takes that language to create a performance where it is translated and strung together to paint a bigger picture of camaraderie and compassion.

Yara Travieso expands the greek character by adding an additional lens (literally). Her staging of the greek myth will be a re-staging told through a latin disco pop variety show, filmed live and streamed to a remote location in La Medea.

Sharon Bridgeforth’s dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home creates and leaves space in neighborhoods where space is being taken away. A residence in California’s East Bay Area serves as the residence for dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home performance installation, oracle card readings, cooking and story circles, plus creative process, home buying, food gardening and money workshops. This project leans into the talents, expertise and self-determination of the people it serves.

Melanie Crean, Shaun Leonardo, Sable Elyse Smith have taken vacant prisons and courthouses and transformed them to function as the stage for performative vignettes that translate the effects of the justice system. Mirror / Echo / Tilt spans across video, performance, text, archive and curriculum, the work envisions new language around the way we engage mass Incarceration and inserts counter narratives into the dominant media landscape, which commonly alienates and criminalizes black and brown bodies.

By employing immersive media, performance and music, James Scruggs presents 3/5. The residual effects of the “Three Fifths Compromise” of 1787 is examined to track racial tensions today. For the duration of the 3/5 experience, audience members will be able to ‘switch’ races and will be treated as such throughout the performance. By producing tableaux and scenes that racially polarize, different races will experience the same exact event in diametrically opposed ways.

Want to hear about more projects in development? Click here to view our playlist on YouTube

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