The Long Arc

Brad Lichtenstein, Vernon Reid

Americans like to think we’ve evolved to a post-racial society since the election of President Barack Obama. Yet one of the most egregious signs that we have miles to go are dozens of racially motivated Civil Rights era murders that remain unsolved. The Long Arc weaves together the story of Civil Rights veteran and Congressman John Lewis’ efforts to get the FBI to investigate these cases with the story of Wharlest Jackson, Jr., a day laborer in Natchez, Mississippi who was just 8 years-old in 1967 when his father was assassinated by the Klan. Both intimate and epic, The Long Arc explores the possibility of forgiveness and the power of truth, both in terms of its meaning for a society and for the people impacted by these murders. The film will follow both men’s aspirations to heal Natchez, perhaps through a truth commission that sheds light where the justice system has failed.

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    Vernon Reid is a Grammy award-winning guitarist, composer and visual artist. In the 1980s, he led the pioneering multi-platinum rock band Living Colour,…


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