Mondo Bizarro

Cry You One


Travel to the communities of Southeast Louisiana and witness how a woman’s fingers are the last vestiges of the earth she once tilled; her palms hold the final memory of a certain marsh. Louisiana is disappearing. It is breaking apart into the sea. The Gulf of Mexico, aided by sinking land and rising seas, has been swallowing this region at such a horrifying rate that a coastline that was a long-day’s boat ride away just 30 years ago may soon be the backdoor to the city of New Orleans.

Cry You One combines a site-specific performance with an 1.5 mile outdoor procession atop a levee system overlooking the vanishing Central Wetlands in Southeast Louisiana. Like the spirit of a jazz funeral, we are simultaneously mourning, remembering and celebrating—rejoicing at how Southeast Louisiana became one of the most vibrant convergences of people, places and traditions in the world, and asking: what will become of these people and traditions when the land that sustains them disappears?  


  • Mondo Bizarro

    Mondo Bizarro has been creating original, multidisciplinary art and fostering partnerships in local, national and international communities for the last eleven years. We are a group of artists ...

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  • Nick Slie

    Nick Slie lives and works on the disappearing wetlands of coastal Louisiana. An actor, director, writer, educator and community activist, he is …

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  • Sean LaRocca

    Sean LaRocca is a composer, music producer and publisher, and performing musician. Born in Laurel, MS, and raised in New Orleans, LA, Sean has l…

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  • Millicent Johnnie

    Millicent Johnnie, a native of Lafayette, LA, received both her BFAand MFA in dance at Florida State University. She toured as re…

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Project Updates

  • 2014: Gulf Future Salons hosts Cry You One in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida throughout March and April;  Mondo Bizarro engages the audience with a performative excerpt and story-telling from Cry You One​​

  • 2013: Cry You One is a 2013 NEFA National Theater Project, a program which provides developmental funding and tour subsidies

  • 2013: Cry You One premieres in Bernard, Louisiana, as an outdoor performance in October 

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