Taraneh Hemami



Fabrications is a pop-up bazaar of ideas and ideologies that makes visible the otherwise absent histories of dissent in Iran through the production of collected historical archives in hand-crafted replications, using the traditional bazaar architecture. With beaded curtains, shattered glass assemblages, pounded felt carpets, lacquer sculptures, carefully replicated portraits, logos, slogans and maps, the project creates memorials to time, place and people, while building a repository of knowledge that make visible an otherwise unaccounted for history. Fabrications is part of the larger Theory of Survival project, which, since 2007, has amassed historical archives from local communities and the web through residencies and collective efforts. This material includes decades of otherwise banned and censored printed matter belonging to the Iranian Students Association of Northern California, which was active from 1964-84 and reflects the political sensibilities of its time.


  • Taraneh Hemami

    Taraneh Hemami was raised in Tehran, Iran, and lives in San Francisco. In her work, she engages diverse strategies including installation and media p…

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Project Updates

  • 2013: Hemami presents Resistance, a solo exhibition at the Luggage Store in San Francisco

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