The Source

Cory Arcangel

The Source is a publishing series where the artist will publish the computer source code for nearly his entire body of software work over the past 15 years. This code will be footnoted with traditional artist texts and will be published both as a series of small books—one for each project—and as a website. Cory Arcangel creates a virtual user’s manual that details the process by which he has built previous works, including the manipulation of video games. The Source embodies the ethic of openness and generosity that exists within the closed field of hackers, home hobby programmers and new media artists, and posits it as its own art project, with Arcangel’s satiric, self-deprecating voice as a guide.

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    Cory Arcangel

    Cory Arcangel is a Brooklyn-based artist who makes work in a wide range of media, including composition, video, modified videogames, performanc…


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    May 06 – May 06

    Cory Arcangel gives at talk at the New School in New York City.

    Jun 25 – Jul 31

    Cory Arcangel is featured in a group exhibition at Team Gallery SoHo in New York City.

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