OS Grabeland


OS Grabeland is a collaborative, open-source project connected to two plots of land owned by the artists in Nevada and former East Germany. Though radically different culturally and topographically, neither site has access to a convenient natural or artificial water source. By instigating OS Grabeland in both communities simultaneously the artists are setting up a collaborative system for writing a visual code, which will be compiled through social websites such as blogs, wikis, youtube and facebook. When the rising tide lifts all boats, this evolving virtual source of knowledge and the location of a viable source of water will be converted into lines of universally applicable code.

Project Updates

  • 2011: eteam presents elements of OS Grabeland in solo exhibition at M29 Gallery in Cologne, Germany

  • 2010: eteam screens OS Grabeland “Land Cruise” video in Resurrectine at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in New York

  • 2010: eteam completes video shooting for OS Grabeland

  • 2010: An iteration of OS Grabeland is featured at The Kitchen in NYC

  • Artists

    Franziska Lamprecht

    Franziska Lamprecht is a Brooklyn based artist and part of eteam, a two artist collaborative that investigates concep…


    Hajoe Moderegger

    Hajoe Moderegger works in collaboration with Franziska Lamprecht as eteam. Their work fuses land ownership, participation and utopian ideas through t…


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