Want is a six-channel video installation about contemporary desire. Want explores the current climate of society over-stimulated by the bombardment of technological instant gratification, and the very definite, yet-to-be-revealed implications and issues of accountability and responsibility surrounding virtuality. Here, the Internet’s underbelly is exposed; pushing the quiet, anonymous behavior that flourishes in cyberspace into public space, forcing us to reevaluate this behavior as if it were to take place in the physical community. The life-sized video displays use custom software to monitor real time Internet searches. When the software finds a programmed keyword, it triggers a video clip of one of several actors/avatars who translates the virtual request to reality. The videos are triggered almost concurrently, causing the voiced requests to overlap. The result is an audio-visual cacophony of desire; an online echo chamber of warped reality.

Project Updates

  • 2008: Want premieres at The Beall Center for Art and Technology in Irvine CA

  • Artists

    MTAA + RSG

    AlexGalloway is a programmer, author, and the former director of content and technology at the online art platform Rh…


    Alex Galloway

    Alex Galloway is a programmer, author, and the former director of content and technology at the online art platform Rhizome.org. He is a founding mem…


    Michael Sarff

    Artists Michael Sarff and Timothy Whidden formed MTAA in 1996 and soon after began to explore the Internet, video, soft…


    Timothy Whidden

    Artists Timothy Whidden and Michael Sarff&nbs…


  • Events

    Apr 16 – May 10, 2015
    Complex Movements presents "Beware of the Dandelions" at On The Boards in Seattle

    Mar 12 – Mar 14, 2015
    Michelle Ellsworth performs her Creative Capital Project "Clytigation," version #3, at On The Boards in Seattle

    Jan 09 – Feb 01, 2015
    Richard Maxwell and Miwa Matreyek perform in the Walker Art Center's Out There Festival in Minneapolis

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  • News

    November 7, 2014
    Project Premiere: Dohee Lee's "MAGO" at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

    October 1, 2014
    Project Premiere: Shrimp Boat Projects Organizes Inaugural Buffalo Bayou Shrimp Festival in Houston, TX

    August 21, 2014
    Project Premiere: Taylor Ho Bynum Embarks on Acoustic Bicycle Tour of the West Coast

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