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Welcome to On Our Radar, a searchable database featuring more than 300 projects that advanced to the second or third round in last year's highly competitive Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts grant round. Although these projects were not ultimately funded, we feel they are projects to watch, and we invite you to explore them. This site will be online until September 30, 2013.

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Performing Arts
To Kiss A Wound
Brooklyn, NY

To Kiss A Wound

With the soft caress of mythic allegory, To Kiss A Wound is a performance of risk that executes an aesthetic of collision–breaking boundaries between nations, communities, media and forms. Designed to navigate threatening environments, this interdisciplinary performance dreams a world free of poverty, state repression, war, violence and exploitation.

To Kiss A Wound is a collaboration of Jendog Lonewolf, YaliniDream, Varuni Tiruchelvam and Chesney Snow.


Performing Arts
Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya
Austin, TX

Eje Lepo: Blood Bank

My project is to remind us as people of the importance of donating blood voluntarily, and not only when emergencies happen. The outcome will be an installation, a sculpture and a performance both in public spaces and indoors.


Performing Arts
Lemon Andersen
Brooklyn, NY


In 1971, an inmate had to choose between going home after 27 years of imprisonment or joining the uprising in Attica. ToasT is a new play that celebrates the poetic history of Black narratives called toasts. The play takes fictional characters from this oral tradition and puts them in a non-fictional setting. The brutal conditions these inmates are living in pushes the young hotheaded Hard Rock to lead a revolution.


Emerging Fields
Nadia Anderson
Willow City, ND

Satellite Fields

Satellite Fields is a series of land art formations created on the plains of North Dakota. Each piece is composed of hundreds of living trees, planted on five acres of land. As it grows, Satellite Fields will be large enough to appear in satellite surveillance of the area.


Shadows on the Border
Charlestown, RI

Shadows on the Border

The U.S.-Mexico border is central to our political and social life and a source of concern and hysteria. By immersing ourselves in the region, we hope to elevate the level of discourse. The book we plan to publish will be socially beneficial as well as an independent art work.

Shadows on the Border is a collaboration of Robert Aneyci and Andrew Lichtenstein.


Robert Antoni
New York, NY

As Flies to Whatless Boys: The Story of the Tropical Emigration Society in Britain and Trinidad, West Indies, 1845-46

My project is a historical novel; ultimately, it merges literature with the visual arts. My project also contains two films viewed online, a website leading the reader further outside the confines of the novel and an interactive sculpture–the transformation of a utopian 19th century agrarian machine into a printer.


Emerging Fields
New York, NY

Art Bar

Art Bar is a new form of cultural infrastructure for New York City, a proposal for transforming the unused space of the obsolete vehicle deck on the Staten Island Ferry into a platform for arts and cultural programming from every borough. It re-imagines the pedestrian experience of the ferry and harbor.

Medium is a collaboration of Vincent Appel and Heather Pfister.


Emerging Fields
New Genres
Izumi Ashizawa
Forest Hills, NY


Minotaur is a non-traditional new opera based on the Greek mythology of Theseus told from deserted Ariadne's point of view. Set in a slaughterhouse, the theme includes the issue of unjust treatments of immigrants. During the show, the audience can step into the scene and change the course of the story.  The production is an amalgamation of Asian physical theatre techniques, unusual puppetry, masks, new music and civic theatre.


Emerging Fields
New Genres
Karen Atkinson
Los Angeles, CA

Getting Your Sh*t Together

Getting Your Sh*t Together/GYSTInk is an artist project dedicated to making life better for artists by providing tools and resources, information and models for new ways of thinking. I will propose my practice to museums and other artist venues in order to further this new genre for artists. Art As Business=Business As Art. I create software for artists to keep track of just about anything in their art lives as well as publications.


Performing Arts
Linda Austin
Portland, OR

Three Trick Pony

Three Trick Pony is an interdisciplinary performance, an intimate face-off between dancer Linda Austin's body and a biomorphic sculptural installation by sculptor David Eckard. As Austin makes three passes through Eckard's body-scaled environment, the articulations, folds and materials of the interactive sculptural objects simulate, interrupt and amplify the dancer's gestures.


Performing Arts
A Host of People
Detroit, MI

Life is Happening to Us Again

A Host of People presents a performance about the competing, complimentary aspects of nature and technology, which spills into an Old West fable about warring brothers, and gives way to a dance made to a revolutionary poem. Throughout the performance, a wayward "specialist" shakily presents a lecture on fragments, iteration and legacy.

A Host of People is a collaboration of Sherrine Azab, Jake Hooker, Heather Christle and Carolyn Mraz.


Emerging Fields
Stefani Bardin and Dr. Braden Kuo, Harvard University
Brooklyn, NY

M2A: The Fantastic Voyage

M2A™: The Fantastic Voyage is an immersive installation built around the first ever clinical study to use the M2A™ Capsule and SmartPill—wireless gastroenterology devices—to look at the impact of processed foods versus whole foods on the body.


Performing Arts
Kimberly Bartosik
Brooklyn, NY

You are my heat and glare

You are my heat and glare is a mixed-genre choreographic project created by Kimberly Bartosik. Inspired by Anne Carson's The Anthropology of Water, the work unfolds in a series of viscerally provocative duets featuring dancers, designers and voice artists. The work will premiere in France in May, 2013, and will have its NYC premiere in December at New York Live Arts.


Janet Beatty
Pittsburgh, PA


Ghostbaby is an exploration through poetry into the world of the ghost mother and father as known to the adoptee. Through development of a poetry-based memoir and a series of readings around the country, this exploration has the power to challenge the repressive cultural story of adoption.


Emerging Fields
Kim Beck
Pittsburgh, PA


Turf is both lawn and territory. From backyards to borderlands, turf lawn is protected by fertilizers and legal codes, the apotheosis of the American Dream. At the intersection of art and environment, Turf would include a turf exchange, a lawn garden monitored by an artist and an urban ecologist, and a postcard book documenting the displacement and extraction sites.


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