On Our Radar

Welcome to On Our Radar, a searchable database featuring nearly 300 Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts projects that advanced to the second or third round in last year's highly competitive award selection process.

Although these projects were not ultimately funded by Creative Capital, we feel they are artists to watch, and we invite you to explore them. This site will be online until September 30, 2016.

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Projects On Our Radar
Emerging Fields
Kaho Abe
Brooklyn, NY

Costumes as Game Controllers

Costumes as Game Controllers explores how costumes embedded with technology can create playful experiences between people in a public space. Wearing the costume of a character can help create a rich, fantastical world, removing us from our everyday lives and identities. It’s more than just wearing the costumes, but rather experiencing the characters, the story and the game physically and emotionally with each other.


Emerging Fields
New Sharon, ME

Who Eats at Taco Bell?

Who Eats at Taco Bell? is a socially-engaged art project that serves as a platform for thinking about immigration and racial justice. The final form will be an expedition along the Lewis and Clark Trail during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign with a taco encampment qua performance/exhibition space.

Tug is a collaboration of Gustavo Aguilar and Gaelyn Aguilar.


Performing Arts
Brooklyn, NY

Ski End

A group of people get stuck in an abandoned ski shop, awakening their spiritual ages. They enact the shop’s past and potential realities, becoming increasingly trapped in a no-man’s-land of time and space. Featuring an ensemble of teens and adults, Ski End examines the anxiety toward how to spend time.

Piehole is a collaboration of Tara Ahmadinejad, Elliot Quick, Allison LaPlatney, Jeff Wood and Alexandra Panzer.


Emerging Fields
Deborah Aschheim
Pasadena, CA

Global 68

Global 68 is an investigation of collective memory focusing on the student demonstrations of 1968. The project takes the form of place-based installations built around memories of activism in different cities that weave video and text from participant interviews, drawing, sculpture and sound into immersive vernacular and personal histories.


Emerging Fields
Stephen Ausherman
Albuquerque, NM

Wilderness Guide to Stray Technology

Custom-built robots are released into the wild to illustrate the significance of manufactured objects found in otherwise natural spaces. Their interactions with host environments are documented and interpreted for an expanding series of short videos. This modular series forms the core content of Wilderness Guide to Stray Technology presentations, installations and exhibitions.


Emerging Fields
Digital Arts
Abraham Avnisan
Chicago, IL

Jules and Jim and Catherine (an Affective Field Theory)

An immersive installation based on Truffaut’s 1962 film Jules et Jim, Jules and Jim and Catherine (an Affective Field Theory) brings together quantum mechanics, queer theory and emerging technologies to reimagine the medium of cinema as an interactive environment in which viewers’ movements, heart rates and body temperatures give rise to alternative poetic and narrative possibilities within Truffaut’s original film.


Emerging Fields
Louder Than Words
Los Angeles, CA

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is produced by Louder Than Words in collaboration with Domestic Violence Sexual Assault advocates. It consists of nomadic seminars, art-making, educational workshops, an installation with custom-designed wallpaper, performances and video projections. The project addresses controversial debates in prevention and the paradigm shifts needed for the next generation of advocates to solve this intractable problem.

Louder Than Words is a collaboration of S.A. Bachman and Neda Moridpour.


Emerging Fields
New Genres
Dave Bailey
Van Nuys, CA

Mind Expansion (working title)

Mind Expansion is an experimental earthwork on Colorado’s shortgrass prairie that explores an overlooked space and the power to name it. Sculptural elements will harness wind and drifting debris to create a low-tech means of inserting poetic and political speech into online databanks of satellite imagery. Specific phrases will emerge from community workshops.


Performing Arts
Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project
Philadelphia, PA

Hands Up Dis/Unity: make this not us against them

Hands Up is an immersive installation, performance and contribution to the anti-racism movement, Black Lives Matter. A five-member interdisciplinary team is collaboratively developing the 80-minute work. Themes of race and abolitionism emerge through the artists’ exploration and experimentation with pop culture, queer aesthetics, dance and visual art.

Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project is a collaboration of Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Olivier Tarpaga, Raquel Monroe, Duane Lee Holland, Jr., Heidi Wiren Bartlett and Barber.


Emerging Fields
Jamison Banks
Santa Fe, NM

Retour des Cendres Vol. II

Retour des Cendres Vol. II further connects the histories between baseball, the selling of the Louisiana Territory by Napoleon Bonaparte and the eventual exile of the Cherokee Tribe. The final product will be a filming of the journey and hypothetical baseball game on the remote island of St. Helena.


Emerging Fields
Digital Arts
Perry Bard
New York, NY


Nydkgz (New York Dakar Guangzhou) is an episodic road movie/installation that travels from the knock-off trade on Bard’s New York street corner via Mongolia to China and West Africa. Using Genghis Kahn’s strategies as structure, this contemporary silk road, shot by local filmmakers, focuses on working women across three continents.


Emerging Fields
The Cotard Syndicate
Brooklyn, NY


M(y)Crobes explores our cohabitation with microbes that live within, on and around us. The artists have created wearable biosensors to culture microbes from both host and environment so that the wearer will see—in real time—effects of their own biotic micro-ecosystem in concert with the macro-ecosystem of the environment.

The Cotard Syndicate is a collaboration of Stefani Bardin, Eric Rosenthal, Toby Heys, PhD and Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD.


Emerging Fields
New Genres
Chloë Bass
Brooklyn, NY

The Book of Everyday Instruction

The Book of Everyday Instruction is an eight chapter project exploring one-on-one social interaction. Each chapter focuses on a different central question about what it means to be paired. Inspired by the poetics of philosophy, sociology, architecture, performance and surveillance, the project’s final form is a multi-format exhibit with materials from all eight chapters, alongside a related publication and participatory programming.


Andy Battaglia
Brooklyn, NY

Light/Earth/Space: The Story of Dia Art Foundation + An Expansive American Century

Light/Earth/Space: The Story of Dia Art Foundation + An Expansive American Century is a narrative history of the Dia Art Foundation and its presence in American art, from roots in Houston during a post-war cultural boom and its formation in 1970s New York to epochal highs and lows leading to Dia:Beacon. With original reporting and research into a monumental story for the ages.


Jensen Beach
Jericho, VT

Slow to Anger

Slow to Anger will be a novel, set during the Biafra Conflict in Nigeria in the 1960s. It's in part an historical look at some of the complex geopolitical realities of that time, part the story of one man's efforts to change the way humanitarian aid was distributed.


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