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Welcome to On Our Radar, a searchable database featuring more than nearly 400 Moving Image and Visual Arts projects that advanced to the second or third round in last year's highly competitive award selection process.

Although these projects were not ultimately funded by Creative Capital, we feel they are artists to watch, and we invite you to explore them. This site will be online until September 30, 2015.

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Visual Arts
Kenyatta A. C. Hinkle
Los Angeles, CA

Kentifrican Is: Investigating Diaspora and Constructions of the Self

A four-part series of panel discussions facilitated by interdisciplinary artist Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle that create communal conversations developed from collaborative research about Kentifrica, an unknown continent, contested geography and identity.


Visual Arts
Regina Agu
Houston, TX

Bodies of Knowledge

Bodies of Knowledge is an experimental documentary and installation exploring the disappearance and transformation of uli, an art form originally practiced by Igbo women in pre-colonial Nigeria. Bodies of Knowledge will explore the social, political, cultural, religious and economic conditions that contributed to its demise.


Visual Arts
Patricia Ahn
Brooklyn, NY


Refractions distorts the public perception of self. A series of moving installations of mirrors and interactions with objects and performance will activate public commercial spaces by engaging a visual conversation about consumer expectations and perceptions of space.


Visual Arts
Josh Alan
Houston, TX

Future Perfect

Future Perfect is an expansive collage-based photography project that explores the mythology of American history and its relationship to memory and personal experience. By working with images as found objects I am able to refashion them into my own narrative. A narrative dealing with cultural, political and social iconography.


Visual Arts
Pamella Allen
Brooklyn, NY

How She Left It

How She Left It - The Language of Listening installation and performance piece. A mixed media installation; an experiential continuation of my self-studies that encompasses all aspects of my arts process: the literary through prose, as well as the visual through painting, print, photo and video essay.


Moving Image
Non-traditional Documentary
Brokenhorse Films
Brooklyn, NY

The Mayor of Lapa

The Mayor of Lapa, is a feature-length documentary project set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is an exploration of a non-traditional family, through the eyes of Luana Muniz, the matriarch of a safe house for transvestite prostitutes in the district of Lapa.

Brokenhorse Films is a collaboration of Carolina Amorim and Theodore Collatos.

Moving Image
Scott Andrew
Pittsburgh, PA

Metaphysical Archeology (working title)

This project is a large-scale multimedia installation with video components examining multiple modes of existence. It employs the artist as archeologist for unveiling undiscovered fantasies in extraordinary locations. This work will manifest through further research into theoretical concepts in quantum physics, eastern religious icons, gender performance and on-site explorations.


Visual Arts
Deborah Aschheim
Pasadena, CA

Kennedy Obsession

Kennedy Obsession is a multidisciplinary excavation of the recent past that blends archival research, community interviews and autobiographical source material along with drawing and sculpture. This idiosyncratic search for collective memory and mythology of the recent past will take the final form of a new installation and a print publication.


Visual Arts
Stephen Ausherman
Albuquerque, NM

Wilderness Guide to Stray Machines

Custom-built creatures are released into the wild to examine the meaning and purpose of manufactured objects found in otherwise natural spaces. Their interactions with host environments are documented and interpreted for an expanding series of short videos. This modular series is the core of future Wilderness Guide to Stray Machines screenings and installations.


Visual Arts
Josh Azzarella
Bloomington, IN

Untitled #175

Following the 2001 attacks, Clear Channel distributed a memo to their stations suggesting they not play 214 specific songs. In the proposed work, each of these tracks will be played from a custom lathe-cut record on a grid of 214 turntables, building to an unmanageable sound, then fading out.


Moving Image
Non-traditional Documentary
Endless Eye
Los Angeles, CA

My Country, No More

My Country, No More brings to life the nightmares and dreams of a North Dakota farming community as they fight industrialization amidst an explosive oil boom. Filmed over three transformational years, the feature documentary poses a pressing question: what and who are we willing to sacrifice in our pursuit of progress?

Endless Eye is a collaboration of Rita Baghdadi and Jeremiah Hammerling.


Visual Arts
Katherine Ball
Copenhagen, Denmark

Technologies of Obfuscation, Fuzzy Biological Sabotage and Fidelity

Putting theory into praxis, this initiative will research and create replicable technologies for obfuscation, fuzzy biological sabotage and fidelity. Obfuscation technologies will include wearable devices that obscure CCTV cameras and fingerprint donation banks to support refugees. Technologies of fuzzy biological sabotage will include mushrooms growing through roads. Technologies of fidelity with closed loop indoor greywater systems.


Visual Arts
Moving Image
Perry Bard
New York, NY

I live at the Intersection of DaKar and GuangZhou (working title)

I live at the Intersection of DaKar and GuangZhou is a participatory road movie for multiple platforms that originates in New York City. Using the silk road as a metaphor and routed via cloud geography, the film explores economics, mobility and immigration through the communication devices that govern our lives.


Visual Arts
Johanna Barron
Portland, OR

Acres of Walls

Acres of Walls uses the Freedom of Information Act to recreate a collection of inaccessible art hanging in the CIA headquarters. The collection was donated following covert operations, by the CIA, which supported and used art as a “cultural weapon” against the Soviet Union and communism during the Cold War.


Moving Image
Melika Bass
Chicago, IL


Summerstock is an experimental film chronicling the creation of a heritage play in Appalachia. Character-driven episodes screen individually and as a whole in an abstracted narrative structure. Characters are developed from professionals and non-actors, exploring both theatricality and authentic realism, and the performance of American identity in everyday life.


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