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Creative Capital - Investing in Artists who Shape the Future
“Creative Capital motivates artists to be architects of their own future.Our programmatic blueprint melds financial support with an array of services so that artists can build a solid foundation for success.” –Ruby Lerner
Grantee Name Project Title Grant Round
Susan Robb
Wild Times 2013 Emerging Fields
Juan William Chávez
Pruitt-Igoe Bee Sanctuary 2013 Emerging Fields
Julia Christensen
Project Project 2013 Emerging Fields
Fallen Fruit
(David Burns,
Austin Young)
Endless Orchard 2013 Emerging Fields
Ali Momeni
Center for Urban Intervention Research (CUIR) 2013 Emerging Fields
Design 99
(Mitch Cope,
Gina Reichert)
Garbage Totem No.2 2013 Emerging Fields
Ghana ThinkTank
(John Ewing,
Maria del Carmen Montoya,
Christopher Robbins)
Ghana ThinkTank at the Mexican Border 2013 Emerging Fields
Roya Rastegar
Between Sight and Desire: Western Perspective of the Muslim Woman 2013 Emerging Fields
Nick Hallett
Shana Moulton
Whispering Pines ∞ 2013 Emerging Fields
Laurie Jo Reynolds
The Honey Bun Comedy Hour 2013 Emerging Fields
Chemi Rosado-Seijo
La Perla's Portrait, Kite Festival 2013 Emerging Fields
Steve Rowell
Uncanny Sensing, Remote Valleys 2013 Emerging Fields
Gregory Sale
Sleepover 2013 Emerging Fields
Miriam Simun
Eat Your Future 2013 Emerging Fields
Elaine Tin Nyo
This Little Piggy 2013 Emerging Fields
Quintan Ana Wikswo
problemkinder / Mercy Killing Aktion 2013 Emerging Fields
Natalie Jeremijenko
Urban Infrastructure for Non-Humans: Toward the BRONX OOZ 2013 Emerging Fields
Matias Viegener
Black Mirror 2013 Emerging Fields
Kyle Abraham
The Social 2013 Performing Arts
luciana achugar
OTRO TEATRO 2013 Performing Arts
Jesse Bonnell
Coyote 2013 Performing Arts
Taylor Ho Bynum
The Acoustic Bicycle Tour 2013 Performing Arts
Wally Cardona
THE SET UP 2013 Performing Arts
Jace Clayton
Gbadu and the Moirai Index 2013 Performing Arts
Complex Movements
(Invincible ,
Waajeed ,
Carlos Garcia,
Wesley Taylor)
Beware of the Dandelions 2013 Performing Arts
Corey Dargel
The Three Christs 2013 Performing Arts
Degenerate Art Ensemble
(Joshua Kohl,
Haruko Nishimura)
The Predator's Songstress 2013 Performing Arts
DD Dorvillier
Extra Shapes 2013 Performing Arts
Faye Driscoll
Thank You for Coming 2013 Performing Arts
Michelle Ellsworth
Clytigation: State of Exception 2013 Performing Arts
Trajal Harrell
Legendary with a Twist 2013 Performing Arts
Emily Johnson
Shore 2013 Performing Arts
Dohee Lee
MAGO 2013 Performing Arts
Miwa Matreyek
This World Made Itself 2013 Performing Arts
Neal Medlyn
King 2013 Performing Arts
Mondo Bizarro
(Millicent Johnnie,
Sean LaRocca,
Nick Slie)
Cry You One 2013 Performing Arts
Queen GodIs
Makeda Thomas
Make. Believe. 2013 Performing Arts
(Jessica Almasy,
Rachel Chavkin,
Matt Hubbs,
Libby King)
Primer for a Failed Superpower 2013 Performing Arts
Arturo Vidich
You Are It 2013 Performing Arts
Wakka Wakka Productions
(Gabrielle Brechner,
Kirjan Waage,
Gwendolyn Warnock)
Made in China 2013 Performing Arts
Holcombe Waller
LGBT Requiem Mass 2013 Performing Arts
Srikanth Reddy
Underworld Lit 2013 Literature
Jen Bervin
The Silk Poems 2013 Literature
Maggie Nelson
The Argonauts 2013 Literature
Jessica Anthony
Enter the Aardvark 2013 Literature
John McManus
God Gave Us the Animals: A Novel 2013 Literature
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts
It Is Written: Notes on Literacy, Liberation and Belief 2013 Literature
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